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Well I’ve always been a fan of Chanel (specifically the fragrances), but I love the commercials (mini films) even more!!

I am always inspired and taken away to another place when I watch a Chanel advert… I’m even more impressed with the 2011 campaign featuring the smouldering Keira Knightley, clad in a beige catsuit!   It’s different to the usual Chanel ads, this one is hard edged and full of female boldness – whereas the usual ads feature a more elegant female protagonist.  I love how this one screams SEXY!    As she zips through the chic streets of Paris on her vintage motorbike, we are taken on a journey to become the Mademoiselle!   I’m sure the guys will agree this is a stella piece – they’ll particularly love when Director, Joe Wright, shoots Keira jumping on her bike from the back for a brief while!

Check out some of my other fav Chanel ads… There’s a special place in my heart for Baz Luhrmann’s pioneering Chanel #5 campaign featuring Nicole Kidman – call it National Pride… But it is just exquisite… It screams Baz all over, not to mention eloquence and divine intervention!   Oh and let’s not forget about that famous last scene where Nicole wears the open back dress to reveal Chanel’s pendant of 687 diamonds… Holy!

And of course, how could I not mention the beautiful Audrey Tautou in this stunning Chanel #5 commercial… It’s Billie Holiday’s ‘I’m a Fool to Love You’ which makes this irresistibly cool and awe inspiring… Oh I ‘heart’ Audrey!!

Enjoy…  Sending love, light and good fragrance to you!

– Carina


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